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The Lighting Decor Hack That No One Tells You About

Posted on February 14 2017

The Lighting Decor Hack That No One Tells You About

"Light is essential to any interior space as it is the means by which we can see our surrounding environment. The feeling of a space can be completely transformed by altering the intensity, placement and colour of light which makes it a very powerful tool."


The folks at Hatch Design know what they're talking about!

Lighting can definitely make or break a room and that's why pendants and chandeliers are all the rage right now. People are flocking to IKEA for modern pedant lights and even making their own. You really can't go wrong with hanging light fixtures - they don't take up floor space and they always look good. But you can make them look better!

Hanging Lights usually come with their own hanging hardware and it's almost always ugly and/or boring. You can buy the most beautiful chandelier in the world but it'll still come with this kind of pathetic standard-link chain:

Standard Link Chain

While there are some people out there who think this chain looks great, most of us want something prettier. Most of us also don't know that there are entire companies dedicated to making regular home hardware look decorative.

If you're passionate about hiding the chain, you probably already know about chain covers (also an eyesore) and DIY rope/twine covers. 



Forget accents and accessories,start with the essentials in your home - the permanent design elements that'll stay there through all your home makeovers and decor changes. 

Here's the hack: Switch out your boring lighting chain for the decorative variety.


There's a world of decorative discovery out there for you now that you know this is possible. Decorative chains can be anything from simple rectangular links to complicated motif links and they come in all kinds of different finishes (colours).






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