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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We accept all forms of payment supported by Shopify Payments. See the footer of the website (at the very bottom of the page) for logos of the accepted payment methods.
Our payment processing system automatically calculates and applies any applicable taxes during checkout.
We offer discounts based on order quantity, and the discount rates vary by product category. The respective quantity discounts are listed in the product category description as well as on the listing (if the product is eligible for bulk discounts).

Ineligible products: Loops & Eye Screws, Reels of Chain, Ceiling Canopies, Doorbells, Plastic Chains, Crystal Cabinet Knobs, and Crystal Door Knobs.
Absolutely! If you are in the trade and would be interested in opening a Trade Account, please Contact us. When you do, please include a some information about your business and if there's specific product(s) you're interested in.
No, guest check out is available, so you do not need to make an account to place an order. At this time, having an account does not unlock any additional features of our site. We encourage repeat customers to create an account for faster checkout and conveniently view all your orders in one place.
Customer privacy is extremely important to us. Any information that is voluntarily provided during a request for a quote or when placing an order is stored securely and is not sold or disclosed to third party organizations for any purpose.
Customers have the option to opt out of Newsletter emails, but this will not impact automated order related emails.


Restock lead times can vary. Please contact us if you would like to place a backorder to reserve incoming stock. For more information about backorders, please see our answer regarding backorders.
Our Cabinet & Drawer Hardware, House Letters, House Numbers, Shelf Brackets, and Wall Hooks all come with mounting hardware, although screw size varies by product. If the screws are visible on the product, the provided screws are finished to match the product for a seamless look.
Ceiling Canopies are sold with a mounting kit included that contains the appropriate sized crossbar and threaded pipe, along with other mounting components. Our Chandi Ring Loop does not come with mounting hardware, but that can be purchased here.
You can find all of our installation instructions here:
Shelf Brackets
Wall Hooks
House Letters & Numbers
At this time, we do not offer a physical catalog of our products since our website lists all of the products we sell. To browse all our products, click here or select "All Products". For additional images and assistance with other items, contact us.
You can use our Letters and Numbers Counting Tool, which will provide you with the a table containing the quantity you need by letter and number. This is especially helpful for determining quantities when spelling out longer phrases and for consecutive numbering.
No, we are an ecommerce business, so we do not have a storefront that is open to the public. However, resellers across the US carry samples of some of our product, and you can find information about them and where they are located here.
We only hold product until the end of the business day and do not do consecutive day holds. The only way to reserve stock is by placing a backorder, and you can find more information about our backorders here.
Since they are made from cast-iron, the brackets themselves are fairly strong, so their weight capacity is more dependent on where they are installed and the dimensions of what they're holding. Our brackets come with 1" wood screws, since these brackets are best installed into wall studs. If these brackets are not being installed into wall studs (and into only drywall), we highly recommend using the appropriate drywall anchors for added support.
For a more specific answer, please contact us and let us know the bracket(s) you're interested in, the number of brackets you plan on using, the dimension of the shelf, and the total weight it will be supporting and we will happily assist.
Our Brass products are unlacquered, except for our Doorbells, Brass House Numbers, and Brass House Letters. With the exception of our Iron chain and Shelf Brackets, all of our Iron products are unlacquered. Our Steel and Stainless Steel products are unlacquered.
We recommend using a spray paint that has a "Paint + Primer" formula as these tend to have the best adhesion to our finishes. All of our finishes can be spray painted, but our Acid Dipped and our Satin/Brushed finishes hold spray paint particularly well since they have a slight texture.
At this time, we only offer 6 inch samples of our chains that are discounted 50% from MSRP. If you would like to order a sample to test out a particular finish or chain, please contact us with the chain sku and finish you're interested in and we will set up the chain order for you. While free shipping is available on all chain orders, this does not apply to chain sample orders.
Our ceiling canopies can accommodate both flat and angled ceilings.
Since our products are made of solid, high quality materials and therefore are very durable, we do not offer a warranty. If you have concerns about weight capacity listed in the description of any of our products, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
"Custom" is (literally) our middle name! You can learn more about the order requirements and other information on our Custom Products Page.


Almost all of our chain is sold by the foot*, so the quantity ordered will correspond with the length of chain in feet. Our chain is also sold in continuous lengths, but welded brass chains are only available in continuous length up to 10 feet. If you're interested in a welded brass chain and need more than 10 ft, you can connect multiple sections using the appropriate size of our Brass quick link connector.

If you need your chain in multiple sections, please specify in the order notes section (at check out) how many sections you need and the respective lengths (amounting to the total length of chain ordered).
*except for plastic chain, which is sold by the yard

See our answer about custom cut lengths of chain for more information.
The size letter signifies either Welded (W), Unwelded (U), or Hinged (H). The size number is the length of the link in mm. For example, the link size "U25" signifies an unwelded link that is 25 mm long, the link size "W47" signifies a welded link that is 47 mm long, and the link size "H103" signifies a hinged link that is 103 cm long.
For more information on Hinged links, please click here.
Welded chains, signified by a -W in the title, are comprised entirely of links that are welded closed. This increases the weight any given chain can support considerably, but the links cannot be opened up to directly connect, so a chain connector would be required to attach the chain (depending on what it's being attached to).

Unwelded chains, signified by a -U in the title, are partially or entirely comprised of links that are not welded. The weight capacity will not be as high as welded chains, but for most of these chains, the links can be opened with pliers to adjust the length or directly connect to something.

However, not all of the unwelded chains have links that can be opened. Specifically, the unwelded links on some of our larger steel chains cannot be opened, so they must be cut to adjust the length, and this can be done using bolt cutters. These chains still require either an S-hook or a Quick Link to connect to anything.
We can cut chains to any length(s) you need, and you can specify the section(s) and length(s) in the order notes section in your cart prior to checkout.

However, custom length requests for all welded chains are subject to a restocking fee in the event they are returned since they cannot be welded back together once they have been cut. This does not apply to unwelded brass chains since the links can be opened, allowing for the chain to be reconnected. For more information about welded and unwelded chains, please see the answer for Welded vs Unwelded.
This weight is for a 1-foot section of a chain, and is used to calculate the total weight for a section of chain. For example, if you order 8 ft of a chain that weights 0.25 lbs/ft, the total weight of that chain will be 2 lbs. This is critical because the weight of the length of chain is important to consider when determining the total weight of what will be hanging.
Unwelded brass chains (signified by a -U in the title) do not have any restrictions on the lengths we can provide. However, welded brass chains (signified by a -W in the title) are only supplied in continuous length up to 10 feet. All of our welded and unwelded steel chains are also sold in bulk on reels, can be supplied in continuous lengths ranging from 65 ft to 164 ft (reel length varies by chain).
Chain gauge isn't necessarily directly correlated with chain size or the weight capacity, so it isn't the main deciding factor when picking out a chain. Rather, chain gauge represents the thickness of the chain, but chain gauge does not follow the same measurements as wire gauge.

If you are trying to find the right chain for your fixture, the most important thing to consider is weight capacity to ensure that it will properly hold your fixture. Then, you can select a chain based on the link dimensions, which is left up to personal preference.

If you have questions or concerns about selecting a chain for your fixture, contact us, we're happy to help!
No, our quick link and S-hook connectors are sold separately from our chains. Since the opening of our connectors can vary by the size and type, we think it's best to allow the customer to select the hardware based on their existing hardware and needs. If you're not sure which connector to choose, please contact us with the details of your project and we will happily assist!
Our hinged brass chains are comprised of larger links that open on a hinge and typically connected with links that do not open.
The hinged links on this chain can be opened to attach or connect the chain to something, and then locked into a closed position with the provided hex key. All chains with a -H in the title (instead of a -U or a -W) are hinged chains.
Since they have threaded internal hardware, these chains tend to be on the larger side, but can still easily be opened to connect or adjust length.


All of our chain is sold in continuous length unless we receive specific directions from the customer in the order notes section that instruct us on the number of sections to cut the chain into and the respective chain lengths amounting to the total quantity ordered. For example, if you'd like to receive 3 sections of chain measuring 6 ft each, you will need to order a quantity of 18. Below your cart, you will need to specify in the order notes section that you would like to receive 3 sections measuring 6 ft.
Absolutely! If you're interested in reserving incoming stock, please contact us with the product(s) you'd like to order and we can provide you with an estimated restock date and a order quote upon request. Backorders can only be set up manually and payment for backorders can only be submitted over the phone.
Please contact us as soon as possible and we will happily replace or refund any products that arrive damaged or defective. Please include pictures of the product(s) you're referring to as well as pictures of the packing slip enclosed in your order. This is important so we can confirm what was ordered vs what you received, and determine how to proceed.
Nope! We happily assist everyone, regardless of order size.
Within a few days of receiving your order, you'll receive an email containing a link to leave a review for the product(s) you ordered. You can also find instructions on how to leave a review by clicking here. Either way, you'll receive a 15% discount for leaving a review as a token of our sincere appreciation of your business.


Orders ship out by the following business day, and the shipping speed is determined by the service you select at checkout. For additional shipping information, please see our Shipping Policy page.
Not a problem! If you are planning on placing an order with overnight shipping, please call us to confirm that we can fulfill your order before the shipping carrier picks up for the day, and we will do our best to accommodate. For more information, please refer to the information at the top of our Shipping Policy page.
Once your order ships out, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that contains the Tracking Number for your order and links to order tracking. You can also track orders from our Order Tracking page with the tracking number or with the order number and email the order was placed under.
Yes, we ship orders worldwide and offer standard and expedited international shipping. If you would like more information, please refer to the International Shipping Policy section on our Shipping Policy page.
We offer a variety of options that range from free Ground shipping to Overnight shipping. For orders shipping domestically, we offer shipping options from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. For orders shipping internationally, we offer both Standard and Expedited shipping options through various carriers.
For more information about shipping, please refer to our Shipping Policy page.
No, our orders ship out under our shipping accounts so that, in the event of any damage or lost packages, we can work directly with the carrier to resolve the issue. The only exception to this policy is for custom orders pre-paid by wire transfer or by check.


We accept undamaged and unused products that are returned within 30 days of delivery. You can read our full Return Policy here.
Absolutely! As long as the product or products are returned within 30 days from delivery and are done so in their original packaging with all hardware enclosed (if applicable) and without signs of damage or installation, we can provide you with a full refund for the product or products returned. Please see our Returns Policy page for return instructions and additional information.
No, we don't perform those types of exchanges at this time. We ask that you ship back the product(s) from your original order and place a new order for the desired product(s) & quantity. This way, a tracking number is generated for the return as well as the new order, which protects the customer as well as ourselves. A refund will be issued once the return has been processed, but the new order can be submitted at any time. If you need help finding the right product for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help!
For more information on returns, please refer to our Return Policy page.
For product(s) ordered through, the return shipping is the responsibility of the client. For products ordered through other sites (Amazon, Wayfair, etc), you will need to follow their returns process to return product(s) from your order. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy page.
All orders placed through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Houzz, Walmart, and Wayfair must be returned through that platforms' returns process. Not only is this important for the order and transaction records for that platform, but also because these sites will not allow us to issue a refund unless the customer has initiated a return. Please always defer to the returns policy of the site you ordered through and follow their return instructions so your refund is processed properly and timely.

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