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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We do offer trade discount and contractor discounts. To participate you will need to Contact Us and we will verify your business information.
We offer volume-based discounts on most products. Check the top of a product description for a table which describes the discounts available for that product.
We accept all forms of payment supported by Shopify Payments. See the footer of the website (at the very bottom of the page) for logos of the accepted payment methods.
Our payment processor automatically calculates and applies any taxes during checkout.
We have brief instructions for installation here: Installation Instructions.
Mounted hardware such as Numerals, Brackets, and Canopies all come with mounting hardware. Chains do not include any hardware, but we do sell Canopies which connect chain to the ceiling.


We do not have a warranty. However, our products are made of solid metal and are very durable. For concerns about weight limit, consult the product specs in the product description. You can also always Contact Us and we can help answer your questions.
We will replace or refund any damaged items just Contact Us. You can also find a link to our Returns and Exchanges Policy at the bottom of any page on the website.


Shipments leave our warehouse in 2 business days. Shipping time will depend on the service you select during checkout.
The confirmation email you received will have instructions on how to track your shipment. If your payment was confirmed and you didn't receive an order confirmation email, please Contact Us and we can help you.


You can return items purchased through this website (not Amazon) by Contacting Us . We will provide you with a shipping label and then you will need to print and fill out this return slip: Return and Exchange Form
We can only accept returns purchased through this website (not Amazon). You can find a link to our Returns and Exchanges Policy at the bottom of any page on the website.


Our website has almost all items available for sale. We can provide additional images and assistance on other items, just Contact Us.
If a product is out-of-stock we can help you place a back-order. Contact Us to find out information about an out-of-stock product and placing a back-order.


Welded chains are stronger and have a higher weight limit, but cannot be extended without connectors. Unwelded chains have open links and brass unwelded chains can be resized with pliers.
Brass is weatherproof and cannot rust which makes it perfect for outdoor use. Our brass and iron chains come in more decorative styles. Steel and stainless steel chain is stronger and capable of bearing more weight. However, because steel is a harder metal to form and manipulate there are less styles are available. Keep in mind that the chains are covered in a finish which may not look like the underlying material. For instance a solid brass chain can have a polished nickel finish. 
Yes. Contact Us and we can prepare your chain before we ship it out to you. Unwelded brass chain can be easily resized with pliers. You can also resize chains by cutting excess links or extending it with connectors.
Yes. Custom designs have a minimum order requirement and cannot be returned. For more information see: Custom Products Page