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Leave a Review

At RCH Hardware, we love reviews (especially the good ones)!

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to help you leave a review, so we made this guide. This page will show you how to leave reviews of our service, our products, or both.

    How to Leave a Review?

    You probably want to leave a review about a specific order.

    Whether you want to review the product itself or our service during the process, the easiest place to leave your review is on a specific product page.

    To find the product page:

    1. Go to your account
    2. View your order history
    3. Click on any of the products
    4. Scroll to the reviews section
    5. Leave your review! 🤩

    How To Find Your Order History

    You can find your order history on your account page. Navigate to the account page by clicking on "Account" at the top of any page, or just click here: take me to my account page (right-click to open in a new tab). You probably will need to log in first.

    Instructional screenshot highlighting the account button at the top right of every page.

    Here you can find all of your past orders. Each order number is a clickable link that will bring you to the order page.

    Instructional image highlighting the Order Number on the account page.

    How to Find the Product You Ordered

    You can click into an individual product title that links to the product page. There, you can find the review form.

    Instructional image highlighting the product title shown on the order history page.

    This will attach your review to that specific product, but feel free to leave your review of our customer service or anything else.

    Note: This review widget sometimes loads a little slower than the rest of the page. If you don't see it, just wait ~10 seconds.

    Instructional image showing the review widget at the bottom of every product page.

    The review form allows you to enter a title, 1-5 star rating, and a description for your review. Once you fill out everything, you can submit your review and it will be posted after the moderation process (filters out spam and other weird stuff).