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Chandelier Chain / Steel

Steel is one of the most popular metals of all time due to its strength and versatility. Additionally, it's a perfect metal for chain & decor because it can be finished to accentuate any room. Since steel is susceptible to rust, it's best for interior use only. Our hefty steel chains are ideal for hanging heavy chandeliers, large mirrors, and picture frames. Meanwhile, the smaller, more delicate-looking chains are often used as lamp chain or as an accent in DIY projects. When shopping for decorative or functional chain, it's important to keep weight capacity in mind to determine if you need a welded or un-welded chain. Our welded steel chains are available in some of the same styles as our un-welded chain- but with a much higher weight capacity (some over 1,000 lbs!). Our un-welded steel chains- while still sturdy- have a lower weight capacity than their welded counterparts, but allow for links to be added or removed with ease.

Our ceiling canopies, swag hooks, quick links & S-hooks are available in matching finishes to our steel chain, so it's easy to achieve a cohesive, seamless look. If you're shopping for a big project or job, many of our steel chain options are available in chain reels.

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