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Chandelier Chain / Brass

Brass chains can be used to decorate both indoor & outdoor spaces. Brass is naturally rust-resistant, so it's a fantastic choice for the wet conditions of rain chains, hanging plants, & any projects near sprinklers. When shopping for decorative or functional lighting chain, it's important to keep weight capacity in mind to determine if you need a welded or un-welded chain. Our welded brass chains are available in some of the same styles as our un-welded hanging chain- but with a much higher weight capacity. Our un-welded brass chains- while still sturdy- have a lower weight capacity than their welded counterparts, but allow for links to be added or removed with ease. Brass is a timeless favorite because it will age naturally in an unlacquered finish, making it the perfect pair to vintage chandeliers & antique light fixtures.
Our ceiling canopies, swag hooks, quick links, & S-hooks are available in matching finishes to our brass chain, so it's easy to achieve a cohesive, seamless look. Free Domestic Shipping on all Chain orders.