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TREND ALERT: Pot / Utensil Racks

Posted on April 24 2018

TREND ALERT: Pot / Utensil Racks

These last couple years have seen an explosion in home organization hacks and Pot / Utensil Racks are one of our favorites!


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There are a couple ways to go about installing one of these in your home. Start by scoping out your kitchen area. If there is lots of wall space, opt for something like the picture above. You'll need a rod of some kind for a base and s-hooks to hook onto the rod and pots at the same time.

A trip to your local hardware store will easily get you a curtain rod or something similar or you can even use some kind of multifunctional shelf like the picture below: 



For S-Hooks, we recommend using our high quality Brass, Iron or Stainless Steel ones depending on your kitchen theme. If you want to add some color to the whole thing, we also carry colorful plastic s-hooks perfect for your utensils.


If you don't have wall space to work with, you definitely have ceiling space to install a hanging pot rack! There are lots of gorgeous designs on sale online like the one below:



 Or you could make your own one from scratch.



Get creative with it - upcycle a ladder, sled, bicycle wheel or even fencing to serve as the base!



Once you've got the base and s-hooks, all you need is some decorative chain. Browse through our entire collection below! Make sure you're screwing into studs when you get around to the installation part.