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[Century Bracket IR8205] Iron Modern Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket (7.7 Inch)


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Century Bracket IR8205 Modern, Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket


The Century Heavy Duty Iron shelf bracket is the perfect choice for those looking to add reliable functionality and storage support to a modern space. The clean lines and bold silhouette of this bracket gracefully draw the eye to whatever you're showcasing - adding an understated appeal to any space. Pair with contemporary, rustic, minimalist, traditional, scandinavian, or farmhouse decor for a subtle yet striking look. The sturdy Century bracket measure 7.7" x 7" and can be installed in either direction underneath glass shelf tops or wood shelf boards. They are perfect for storing dishes and cookware in the kitchen, keeping laundry detergent and cleaning supplies above the washer, arranging books and collectables in a home office, storing cocktail supplies and wine bottles above a home bar area, and so much more. The universally appealing design of this bracket makes them ideal for use in a variety of commercial and office spaces too. The Century brackets are best mounted into wall studs or support beams, and once installed, the matching flathead screws sit flush in the counter sunk screw holes.

• Iron Material
• Includes matching 1-inch mounting screws
• These brackets can be used with shelf boards 7.7 to 11.5 inches deep for extra storage in the kitchen, bathroom, office, and elsewhere around the home.

This item is available in Black

Bracket Size Projection (in) Height (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Weight (lbs) Max Load (lbs)
7.7 Inch 7.7 7 1.6 0.31 2.46 Untested

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
7.7 Inch 7.7 inch spec_sheet.pdf

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