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[Eye Screw BR01] Brass Standard Threaded Eye Screw - 3 Sizes


Acid Dipped
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Eye Screw BR01 Standard Eye Screw


Easily hang household items wherever you need them with our brass eye screws. One side features a closed eye that forms a strong loop for moving chandeliers and pendant lights to hang exactly where you need them, while the other side has a lag-threaded screw that securely installs into wooden support beams. Since this is a lag eye screw, we highly recommend drilling a pilot hole prior to installation to ensure maximum strength for whatever you're hanging. Besides swagging hanging light fixtures, these screw in eye hooks can also be used around the home for hanging pot racks in the kitchen, plants by a window, overhead racks in the garage, and other lightweight household projects. Since brass is naturally rust resistant, these eye screws are also perfect for a wide variety of lightweight outdoor applications. With 3 sizes available, you're sure to find what you need for your project. Eye screws are great for hanging and easy to install. These can be screwed directly into a stud in the ceiling or wall.

• Rust resistant material
• Easy to mount and install anywhere
• Finish matches other RCH Hardware products

This item is available in Acid Dipped

Size Variant Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Internal Diameter (in) Projection (in) Overall Length (in) Weight (lbs) Max Load (lbs)
1 Inch 1 0.9 0.2 0.6 1.3 2 0.03 --
1.4 Inch 1.4 1.2 0.3 0.7 1.5 2.7 0.07 --
1.5 Inch 1.5 1.4 0.3 0.8 1.6 2.9 0.11 --

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Dan C
service and product

i had a great experience with my purchase! I ordered chain and some misc. hardware to go with. RCH has a huge selection of chain, hardware and more. There are many styles, sizes, colors and specifications for each piece. Quality is very good. I found the website to be very thorough and easy to use. They have free shipping on chain and orders over $50 and progressive discounts on small quantities. The ordering process was easy. The order shipped same day and arrived about two days later. i will definitely buy from RCH Hardware the next time I'm in need of products like these.