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[Number IR530] Iron Vintage Traditional House Number - Black Finish - 2 Inch


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Number IR530 Vintage, Serif, Untextured House Number


Easy to spot and easy to read! Our stylish iron house numbers ensure that your house stands out on your block. Our customers have installed our house numbers on their doors, house exterior, gates, mailboxes, porch columns, and mailbox posts, and love that they reduce the chance of missed deliveries and lost visitors.

Mount these eye-catching numbers to any flat surface vertically, horizontally, angled, staggered, or however you like to reflect your own unique style! Installation is quick and easy since they arrive with matching rust-resistant screws that won't erode regardless of the environment - so they will look just as good as the day you received them for years to come.

NOTE: While a power drill is necessary for drilling pilot holes where you want to install these numbers, in order to avoid stripping the enclosed matching screws, we strongly recommend using a phillips head screwdriver to install these numbers by hand, rather than a power drill.

• Material: Iron
• Black Finish
• Solid Iron Material

This item is available in Black, Rust

Size Variant Height (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Weight (lbs)
2 Inch 2 0.75 - 1.5 0.2 0.14

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
5 Inch 5_inch_spec_sheet.pdf
2 Inch 2_inch_spec_sheet.pdf

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Mel Danielson
Great phone service

I called and the girl who answered the phone was excellent, You are lucky to have her, if I needed something I would definitely call her.

Way better than the originals I had

First, it's hard to even find 2" metal numbers anywhere. Go ahead, google it, I'll wait. Second, these are solid and will last for a lifetime. These are 10x better than the easily breakable characters that have been in this HOA since the 70's. I hate to say it but I'm looking forward to more numbers breaking around here so that I can replace them. I'm actually a bit concerned that this item will go out of production at some point so I will probably come back and buy more in the near future. Please keep making these, you're the only game in town AND these are amazing quality. Way better than i could have expected.