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[S-Hook PL55] Plastic S-Hook | 2 Sizes


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S-Hook PL55 S-Hook


These highly visible plastic S-hooks are lightweight, weather proof, and durable, so they are perfect for connecting plastic chains in general uses both indoors and outdoors. Since it's easy to connect to loops up to 0.2" thick, our plastic chain connectors are the go-to option for crowd control stanchions and barriers, but it can also be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from forming aisles and guiding traffic through queues, to restricting access in parking lots and on construction sites. It's so versatile that we have even had customers use our plastic S-hooks with our plastic chain in DIYs projects, when camping, as props in theatrical productions, and for Halloween decorations and costumes! Since our plastic chain is available in matching sizes and colors, they can be used together to create barriers, stanchons, queues, and aisles with a professional, cohesive look.
• Material: Plastic
This item is available in Black, Red, White, Yellow

Possible Uses: Kitchen Utensil Hooks, Curtain Hooks, Plant Hanger, Utility Hook, Art Supply Hooks, Chain Extension Hook, Chandelier Hook, Tool Hook, Kitchen Hanging Pots Hook, Macrame Hooks, Jewelry Hanger, Clothing Hooks, Garden Planter Hook, Hanging Basket Hooks, Cup Hooks.

Variant Gauge Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Max Load (lbs) Opening (in)
42 5 1.65 0.91 0.2 Untested 0.2
50 2 1.97 1.1 0.28 Untested 0.2

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
42 42_spec_sheet.pdf
50 50_spec_sheet.pdf

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