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[Tendril Bracket IR8211] Iron Hanging Planter Bracket | 4 Sizes


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Tendril Bracket IR8211 Hanging Planter Bracket


Accentuate the botanical beauty in your backyard garden with the cast iron Tendril bracket. The gentle ringlet at the end of this planter bracket not only emulates its namesake, but also provides a spacious and secure spot to hang flower baskets and planters. They are cast using the highest quality Iron for durability, powder coated for weather resistance, and available in black to match most other garden hardware. We offer these elegant planter brackets in 4 sizes sizes so you can select the right size for your space, or mix and match sizes to achieve a cohesive look inside or outside your home. Besides hanging flower baskets and planters, our customers love to use the Tendril bracket outdoors to hang birdfeeders, string lights, birdhouses, lanterns, wind chimes, yard decor, and so much more! Although, the versatility of its minimalist design makes it perfect for hanging plants indoors by windows and in sunny areas. Each Tendril bracket is best mounted into wall studs or support beams, and once installed, the matching flathead screws sit flush in the counter sunk screw holes. The possibilities don't stop there - our decorative brass chains make a great pair with this hanging bracket. Since brass is naturally rust and corrosion resistant, brass chains are perfect if you're looking to add a touch of elegance to whatever you're hanging.

• Iron Material
• Includes matching 1-inch mounting screws

This item is available in Black

Bracket Size Projection (in) Height (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Weight (lbs) Max Load (lbs) Supported Shelf Size (in)
8 Inch 8 5.5 0.8 0.41 0.69 Untested -
10 Inch 10 5.5 0.8 0.41 0.75 Untested -
12 Inch 12 6.7 0.8 0.39 0.94 Untested -
15 Inch 15 7.3 0.8 0.41 1.06 Untested -

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
8 Inch 8 inch spec_sheet.pdf
10 Inch 10 inch spec_sheet.pdf
12 Inch 12 inch spec_sheet.pdf
15 Inch 15 inch spec_sheet.pdf

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