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[Chain BR21-W] Brass Rectangle Chandelier Chain


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Chain BR21-W Rectangle Chandelier Chain with Welded Brass links and Round Joining links

Chains are priced by the foot and this product will be supplied as a continuous length if possible.

Link Size Link Type Height (in) Width (in) Thickness (in)
W40 Primary link 1.57 0.47 0.1
Connecting link 5/8 5/8 1/8

Variant Max Load (lbs) Weight per Foot (lbs)
W40 72 0.13

The “weight per foot” signifies the weight of a 1-foot section the respective chain, not the weight a 1 ft section can sustain. For example, if you order 8 ft of a chain that weights 0.25 lbs/ft, the total weight of that chain will be 2 lbs.

The “max load” is the amount of weight a chain can safely hold, regardless of how long it is. When selecting a chain, we recommend calculating the total weight of chain based on the length you need, like in the example above. Make sure that your total hanging weight (= total weight of fixture + total weight of chain) does not exceed the stated weight capacity.

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
W40 w40_spec_sheet.pdf


Customize your fixture while showcasing your unique style with our decorative brass chain BR21-W. This chain is handmade with solid brass and is comprised of welded decorative links that are connected by welded circular links. Sourcing inspiration from early 20th century designs, the elongated links feature crisp lines that converge to a stepped arch at each end, and is the perfect finishing touch for both vintage and modern art deco lighting fixtures. That being said, this chain is so universally appealing that it complements modern, contemporary, mid century modern, transitional, and minimalist lighting and decor as well, which is why this is one of our most popular chains. This chain can support up to 72 lbs, and adds an intriguing visual element to lanterns, pendant lights, and small chandeliers without drawing attention from your fixture. Since the links on this chain are welded and cannot be opened, you may need chain connectors in order to attach this chain to anything. With its substantial weight capacity and rust-proof material, the versatility of this chain cannot be overstated. Besides use as a lighting chain, BR21-W can be used indoors as curtain tiebacks or for hanging mirrors, plants, wall art, and picture frames, as well as outdoors for hanging signage, flower baskets, bird feeders, wind chimes, and other garden decor. Some of our more creative customers have even used this chain in crafts, costumes, and hobbies, as well as in home improvement and DIY projects. With some of the most popular hardware finishes available, you can easily elevate any lighting fixture (literally!)

• Max Weight: 72 lbs | Weight per Foot: 0.13 lbs
• Features: Welded, Rectangle Chain with Round Joining Links
• Material: Brass

This item is available in Antique Brass, Acid Dipped, Bronze, Matte Silver, Oil Bronzed Black, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel


This brass chain is welded, and the maximum continuous length it can be supplied in is 10 ft. If you need continuous chain(s) exceeding a length of 10 ft, you can use a [quick link connector] to link 2 sections together to achieve your desired length. Alternatively, our [steel chains] can be supplied in 64 ft - 165 ft continuous lengths (varies by chain). If you have any questions about our products or your project, don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email.

This chain can be used indoors or outdoors in the appropriate applications.

As mentioned above, this chain has welded links that cannot be opened, so a chain connector must be used for attachment. Additionally, the welded chains we receive from our manufacturer come in a continuous maximum length of 10 ft, but our quick link connectors can be used to attach multiple sections to achieve a continuous length of chain over 10 ft.

The stated weight capacity of this chain is for static and motionless applications. These chains are not meant for any dynamic uses that would cause the chain to move or swing. This includes but is not limited to: swing sets, porch swings, hanging daybeds, etc.

Our chains are decorative and should never be used for any towing, overhead lifting (other than your fixture of course), safety applications, or any uses bearing human body weight (see the examples above).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great product great price great service

Beautiful chain came quickly and at a very fair price.

Edward Hees
Great service and quick!

The order was placed and within a day it was on its way to me. USPS routed it from Washington state to Los Angeles, and then to Alberta, Canada.. It took a couple days extra due to routing, only issue.
RCH is a company you can trust to get the order correct, and to you as fast as possible.
Great company and it must have great staff!!!!
Peace River, Alberta

Amazing customer service

This chain was absolutely beautiful but once I started to feed the cord and ground wire through it the luster was lost for me.
I called and the customer service was absolutely amazing. The return process was seamless and they helped me select a new chain that would better suit my needs. I was very impressed with RCH and they will always be my first stop.

Great quality product

Chain arrived and it fit in with our decor perfectly. Expertly crafted and very sturdy. We used it to hang a very heavy mirror in a small art deco style bathroom and we couldn't be happier. Customer service was also top notch! Thank you!!


Very high quality and strong. It was perfect with our antique lamp chain.