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[Reel CH-ST52-U45] Steel Double Loop Basket Chain (164FT-REEL)


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Chain ST52-U Double Loop Basket Chain with Unwelded Steel links

Chains are priced by the foot and this product will be supplied as a reel of one continuous chain. Chains with unwelded links can be re-sized to lengthen or shorten the chain as needed.

Link Size Gauge Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Max Load (lbs) Weight per Foot (lbs)
U32 14 1.26 0.39 0.07 90 0.06
U45 9 1.77 0.47 0.12 155 0.09

The “weight per foot” signifies the weight of a 1-foot section the respective chain, not the weight a 1 ft section can sustain. For example, if you order 8 ft of a chain that weights 0.25 lbs/ft, the total weight of that chain will be 2 lbs.

The “max load” is the amount of weight a chain can safely hold, regardless of how long it is. When selecting a chain, we recommend calculating the total weight of chain based on the length you need, like in the example above. Make sure that your total hanging weight (= total weight of fixture + total weight of chain) does not exceed the stated weight capacity.

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
U32 u32_spec_sheet.pdf
U45 u45_spec_sheet.pdf


Our Double Loop Basket chain is a durable, versatile chain that is perfect for use in general utility purposes around the home. Available in 2 sizes, U32 and U45, this steel chain features a weldless, double loop construction for maximum strength. Perfect to hang indoor signage of all sizes, use as a barrier chain to restrict access, and even in some light-duty industrial applications. Since steel is susceptible to rust, we recommend this chain only be used indoors. Both sizes of this chain can accommodate padlock loops up to 3/16" in diameter, making them ideal for securely locking gates, bikes, doors - whatever you need! The maximum continuous length for both size U32 and size U45 is 164 ft.

• Max Weight: 155 lbs | Weight per Foot: 0.11 lbs
• Features: Unwelded, Double Loop Chain
• Material: Steel

This item is available in Black, Polished Brass, Zinc


Our steel chains are also available in bulk on reels, so this chain can be supplied in a continuous length over 60 ft. The maximum continuous length for both size U32 and size U45 is 164 ft.

This chain can be used indoors in the appropriate applications, but will rust over time if used outdoors.

This chain has links that cannot be opened, so a chain connector must be used for attachment.

The stated weight capacity of this chain is for static and motionless applications. These chains are not meant for any dynamic uses that would cause the chain to move or swing. This includes but is not limited to: swing sets, porch swings, hanging daybeds, etc.

Our chains are decorative and should never be used for any towing, overhead lifting (other than your fixture of course), safety applications, or any uses bearing human body weight (see the examples above).
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