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[Chain ST61-U] Steel Standard Link Chandelier Chain | 2 Sizes


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Chain ST61-U Standard Link, Coil Chandelier Chain with Oval Unwelded Steel links

Chains are priced by the foot and this product will be supplied as a continuous length if possible. Chains with unwelded links can be re-sized to lengthen or shorten the chain as needed.

Link Size Gauge Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Max Load (lbs) Weight per Foot (lbs)
U30 11 1.18 0.55 0.1 16.31 0.09
U47 7 1.85 0.79 0.16 44.97 0.19

The “weight per foot” signifies the weight of a 1-foot section the respective chain, not the weight a 1 ft section can sustain. For example, if you order 8 ft of a chain that weights 0.25 lbs/ft, the total weight of that chain will be 2 lbs.

The “max load” is the amount of weight a chain can safely hold, regardless of how long it is. When selecting a chain, we recommend calculating the total weight of chain based on the length you need, like in the example above. Make sure that your total hanging weight (= total weight of fixture + total weight of chain) does not exceed the stated weight capacity.

Variant Spec Sheet (PDF)
U30 u30_spec_sheet.pdf
U47 u47_spec_sheet.pdf


Take your lighting fixture to the next level and showcase your personal style with our decorative steel chain ST61-U. This steel chain is comprised of elongated unwelded links. Available in 2 sizes - U30 and U47 - this chain features a twisted detailing that offers an understated appeal and complements a wide variety of lighting fixture and decor styles. Replace your old chain on pendant lights, chandeliers, and lighting fixtures for an instant refresh of any space. Since the links on this chain are unwelded, it can be opened up to adjust the length as needed. The adaptability of this chain cannot be overstated: besides use as a decorative lighting chain, both sizes of this chain can be used to hang indoor plants, picture frames, mirrors, wall decor, and even used as curtain ties. Since steel is susceptible to rust, we recommend this chain only be used indoors. Additional uses for this chain can be for crafts, costumes, and hobbies, as well as in home improvement and DIY projects. Available in multiple finishes for both sizes, you can't go wrong with this chain! The maximum continuous length for size U30 and size U47 is 164 ft and 98 ft, respectively.

• Max Weight: 16.31 lbs | Weight per Foot: 0.09 lbs
• Features: Unwelded, Coil Standard Link Chain
• Material: Steel

This item is available in Antique Copper, Black, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, Satin Chrome


Our steel chains are also available in bulk on reels, so this chain can be supplied in a continuous length over 60 ft. The maximum continuous length for size U30 and size U47 is 164 ft and 98 ft, respectively.

This chain can be used indoors in the appropriate applications, but will rust over time if used outdoors.

The links are unwelded so the links can be opened to directly attach onto something or adjust the length of the chain as needed.

The stated weight capacity of this chain is for static and motionless applications. These chains are not meant for any dynamic uses that would cause the chain to move or swing. This includes but is not limited to: swing sets, porch swings, hanging daybeds, etc.

Our chains are decorative and should never be used for any towing, overhead lifting (other than your fixture of course), safety applications, or any uses bearing human body weight (see the examples above).
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